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Do you want a smile that represents you? In our modern dental practice, thanks to top-level technologies and individual care, we take care of everything.

mikroskopická endodoncie

Microscopic endodontics

Microscopic endodontics focuses on the treatment of the inner space of the tooth and its root canals with the help of a microscope.

Zubní implantát

Dental implants

At our clinic, we offer comprehensive solutions in the field of dental implants and dental surgery.

Zubní náhrady

Dental restorations

We provide professional treatment in the field of fixed and removable restorations.

estetická dermatologie

Aesthetic dentistry

With us, you will find comprehensive services in the field of aesthetic tooth reconstruction.

dentální hygiena

Dental hygiene

Professional teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist is the basis of preventive dental care.

bělení zubů

Teeth whitening

We offer in-surgery teeth whitening using the Philips ZOOM technology, which combines the effects of whitening gel and blue light.



You can decide to treat irregularly positioned teeth with braces at any age. We pay special attention to the orthodontic treatment of defects in children at the time of teething.

Services for doctors

We offer our colleagues from the field of dentistry the chance to use modern OPG X-ray and CBCT exams, endodontic treatment under a microscope, and more.

Dental medical team

Eva Gojišová
Assoc. Prof. MUDr. Eva Gojišová

chief doctor – dentistry

MUDr. Tomáš Hlaďo
MUDr. Tomáš Hlaďo

specialist doctor – pediatric dentistry

MDDr. Petr Švácha - dětský zubař
MDDr. Petr Švácha 

specialist in dentistry

MDDr. Martin Linka
MDDr. Nela Kučerová

specialist doctor – dentistry

Dr. Oleksandr Zaslavskyi

coordinator for patients from Ukraine

Vladimíra Datlová

dental assistant

Tereza Jiroušová, DiS.

dental hygienist

Monika Lipovská

dental assistant

Lucie Funferová

dental assistant

Oksana Kovach

dental assistant

Dentistry pricelist

Here you will find a detailed price list for dental procedures.

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VOZP zdravotní pojišťovna
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