Phototherapy is a method of treating skin diseases using solar or artificial radiation. The main indications for treatment are chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic eczema, vitiligo, acne, and solar urticaria. Phototherapy can also be used to prevent sun allergy. Treatment is covered by insurance companies and is provided on an outpatient basis. It is quick and painless and has a good effect on patients’ quality of life.

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Treatment of chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, atopic eczema, vitiligo, acne, solar urticaria, and others)

Why go for phototherapy?

The beneficial effect of sunlight on some skin diseases has been known since ancient times. This is used in contemporary spas and in high mountain and seaside treatments (natural sunlight is used), but also for the development of light therapy as a special discipline of physical therapy. Visible and invisible parts of the light spectrum are used in the treatment for both preventive and curative use.

In our facility, we use a full-body 311-nm UVB radiation booth and an excimer laser. 
Treatment is covered by insurance companies. The main benefit of the therapy is that it serves as an aid for comprehensive patient care. It is clear from a number of global clinical studies that phototherapy plays an important role in the comprehensive treatment of skin diseases. Recently, it has been classified at the level of systemic treatment. The effectiveness is very good, it has been proved to improve skin diseases.  The indisputable advantage of phototherapy is the possibility of outpatient treatment and significant financial savings – hospitalisation and incapacity for work are not required.

The treatment is quick and painless. A side effect of the therapy when using the full-body UVB radiation cabin is a healthy tan. The radiation dose is monitored for each patient, so it is safe.

Doctors providing phototherapy

Ambicare Prague 4

MUDr. Dominika Diamantová
MUDr. Dominika Diamantová, Ph.D.

chief of dermatology and venereology

MUDr. Nikola Papoušková
MUDr. Nikola Papoušková

specialist in dermatovenereology

See what it looks like in the surgery where we perform phototherapy

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