Clinical psychology
Our psychologists are experts with many years of experience in psychology and psychotherapy. They help people with various mental problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, or eating disorders. They offer a professional approach and confidentiality.

Services provided

Psychological examination

We will be happy to prepare a psychological assessment for your desired purpose. We do not conduct psychological examinations for drivers or examinations for obtaining a firearms licence.

Crisis intervention

Have you found yourself in a sudden andburdensome situation where you can’t see a solution? We will help you find your way around the situation and get a solution. Crisis intervention can only be provided to current clients.


This usually involves long-term care, where you solve complex topics of your life during regular meetings with a therapist. You can visit a psychotherapist if you suffer from e.g. anxiety, long-lasting sadness, depression, or problems in your partner relationship or in your family. Psychotherapeutic care is advisable if you have gone through trauma. If you are troubled by strange states, feelings, or thoughts that you do not understand, we will help you find your way around them.


Do you suffer from physical problems, but your doctor cannot find any objective cause? It could be a psychological problem. We will help you find it and solve the situation (note: psychosomatic treatment usually has the same form as psychotherapy).

Doctors of psychology

PhDr. Magdalena Koťová, Ph.D.


Mgr. Pavel Oulovský


Mgr. et Mgr. Pavel Pavlovský


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